Economic Inequality

A General Remark

Economic inequality bothers many people. It bothers some politicians, economists, religious figures, social activists. But most of all it simply bothers most of us because it has come to an obnoxious level. It is now at levels that are at least by some  already called unethical or even immoral.

To be clear: Here we always talk about economic inequality within each country.

It isn’t so much about “them” – Promillians & Procentians – having absurdly much materially. It is that they have all that while others in the same society have no or only little material comfort and security. That it is mostly accumulated by rent, inheritance or some other unfair form. It  is also about the unproportional power, especially political, that this wealth allows this tiny group to yield over the rest.

So, how do we persuade the super rich that this needs to change?

We probably can’t.

Most seem to have the weird idea they actually deserve to control such a huge proportion of the wealth of society. Maybe the democratic and legal processes, meant to make sure brute force does not rule our lives, can bring the change. For this to happen, it isn’t enough for me and others to write about it (not even ink spilled, just time spent) or for you to read. We need become more active. Spend more of our personal time participating in events and discussions about the issue. Organize debates, public discussions, meetings and of course – dont forget to vote.

Yes, democracy in it’s various forms is probably more resilient than most imagine. Dont give it up.

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